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Elise Mertens on the search for a new coach: "I'm in no rush" |  Wimbledon

Elise Mertens on the search for a new coach: “I’m in no rush” | Wimbledon

Elise Mertens lost in the Wimbledon singles finals 1/8 to the losing finalist Anas Jaber and in the doubles she herself lost the final. “You always want more, but I’m proud of that result,” Mertens says. “It’s just another Grand Slam final.”

Wimbledon was the last tournament in which Mertens was coached by Simon Goffin – brother. “We didn’t argue or anything, but it just didn’t go in the right direction,” Mertens explains. “If the results are a little lower and you want to improve … Simon was not the right person to guide me on my way to the top.”

Which coach should do that? “It’s hard to say that this click will or will not come. Sometimes changing it is not so bad, you know what you want better.”

“I need someone who gives organization and sees the bigger picture and wants to help me get up again in the world rankings. He also has to see that I play doubles again.”

Mertens wants to take her time to decide. “I initially wanted to finish this major tournament and don’t have anyone on my mind yet. I’m not in a rush, it could be a sparring partner to travel with.”

Mertens can choose after a week of rest. “Tomorrow I still have a 6-hour photo session, but after that I have 6 days off. I’m glad I can relax at home in beautiful Limburg.”

Because then, a round of fun awaits on the professional tennis circuit. “The train never stops. There are always points to be won and you always have points to defend. My next tournament will be in Prague and then I will go to Washington.”

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