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Elon Musk also brought himself to court against Twitter |  Abroad

Elon Musk also brought himself to court against Twitter | Abroad

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also filed a complaint against Twitter itself, after he was sued by the social media platform for ultimately deciding not to buy Twitter. This is what the Wall Street Journal writes.

The complaint was filed confidentially with the Delaware District Court and was not yet available to the public.

On Friday, a judge considering the legal battle between Twitter and Musk announced that the trial would begin on October 17.

Musk announced in April that he wanted to buy Twitter for $44 billion, but eventually called off that plan because the social media company lied about the number of fake and spam accounts on the social network.

Then Twitter filed a complaint with the Delaware court. The company wants to force a billionaire takeover through the courts for $54.20 per share.

Although the deal includes a $1 billion cancellation fee, Twitter is asking Musk to honor his obligations under the agreement. According to the platform, Musk disrupted the company’s business and destroyed shareholder value by blowing up the deal.

Despite the lawsuit, Twitter shareholders will discuss the takeover offer at their September 13 shareholder meeting. At the meeting, shareholders will be asked to agree to the proposed compensation that Twitter will have to pay to some managers if the acquisition by Musk goes ahead.

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