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Elon Musk: Donald Trump is welcome back on Twitter

Elon Musk: Donald Trump is welcome back on Twitter

Elon Musk has described Twitter’s decision to permanently ban former US President Donald Trump from social media as “extremely foolish.”

The new head of the microblogging site believes that the company should be very reluctant to permanently ban people from the platform.

“I’m going to rescind Donald Trump’s permanent ban,” Musk was quoted by Bloomberg News as saying at a Financial Times conference on Tuesday. “The permanent suspensions fundamentally undermine trust in Twitter as a city square where everyone can express their opinions.”

Musk said the former president’s ban “does not cripple Trump’s views.” “He will actually amplify his voice on the right. That is why it is so morally wrong and completely stupid.

“If false and bad tweets are posted, they should either be deleted or made invisible, temporary suspension is appropriate, but not permanent ban.” According to Musk, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey shares this view.

social truth

Trump has said in the past that he will not return to Twitter even if his suspension is lifted. On January 8, 2021, his account was permanently banned, two days after the Capitol was stormed. The former president has now His own social media company Founded, Social Truth.

Musk reached an agreement with Twitter late last month to acquire the platform for approximately $44 billion. The Competition Authority has not yet approved the acquisition. The Tesla boss has said that under his rule there will be more freedom of expression on social media.