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Emergency on US-Mexico border: ‘Biden must intervene now’ | Abroad

51 Central American migrants died this week in an overheated truck on a smuggling route in Texas. The horrific incident illustrates the immigration problem America has struggled with for years. Many Americans and immigrants hope that President Joe Biden will reform President Donald Trump’s tough immigration policy. However, it seems impossible to find a good solution.

“It’s a huge mess at the border,” says Willem Post, an American expert at the Clingendael Institute. “The horrific event in Texas is a textbook example of what can happen without good immigration policy.” Earlier this week, emergency services in San Antonio, Texas 51 migrants died In a truck. Two Mexicans have been arrested for their involvement in the drama. San Antonio is 250 kilometers from the Mexican border.

In May, a record 239,000 migrants attempted to cross the US-Mexico border. This is evident from the statistics of the US Customs and Border Protection Service, CPB. Eyes are on US President Joe Biden to make better work on the immigration issue. Texan Gov. Greg Abbott Blames Dead Immigrants His… Tweet: ‘These dead emigrants are the result of its open borders.’

A memorial at the spot where the truck was found. © Reuters


As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden made immigration his main theme. “He will eliminate Trump’s draconian asylum rules and create a fairer and more humane system,” the Post said. “As soon as Biden won the election, the border was crossed by people from countries like Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala.” However, people of faith at the border do not enter the country and often their application as a refugee or asylum seeker is not even considered. Hundreds of thousands more immigrants try to improve their lives by entering the United States.

According to the Post, a year and a half into his presidency, Biden must now intervene to manage the massive influx of immigrants, but the question is how. ,, It somehow reminds me of the Dutch situation in Der Abel. If we can’t do good policy on a small scale in this organized country, how are they going to do it in America?” The Post calls the current situation at the border ‘disgraceful’. “Reception centers are overflowing and the influx of migrants is still increasing.”

Title 42

One of the biggest hurdles for Biden is the ‘Title 42’ legislation. The law was introduced under President Trump during the coronavirus pandemic and prevents asylum seekers from entering the United States in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Border police immediately sent back people trying to cross the border. In early May, Biden decided to stop the legislation. At that point, the epidemic seemed largely over. Republican governors, worried about a potential wave of immigrants, have sought the courts to uphold Title 42. It worked, and the law is still in place. “That’s problematic. People are coming back to the border in desperation for another attempt to enter the United States.

However, according to the Post, there is a glimmer of hope that the massive migrant flow will slow down. “A long-term solution would be a sort of Marshall Plan, where the United States would provide structural aid to the countries of Central America.” The first step has already been taken. On June 10, a summit of heads of government of North and South America took place in Los Angeles. Agreements have been made on the current migration situation. For example, Mexico plans to take in refugees and the United States is going to invest in agricultural projects where asylum seekers can be used as workers. There is a lot of money to be found for smugglers who make thousands of dollars transporting asylum seekers illegally.

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