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Emmanuel Macron promises Prime Minister "direct responsibility for environmental planning" |  abroad

Emmanuel Macron promises Prime Minister “direct responsibility for environmental planning” | abroad

If Emmanuel Macron is re-elected president of France, there will be a prime minister who will be “directly responsible for environmental planning”. The goal is for France to reduce greenhouse gas emissions twice as fast. Macron said on Saturday during an election meeting in the southern French city of Marseille.

Several thousand people attended the meeting in Marseille, which was largely devoted to environmental issues. Macron promised a “complete renewal” of his policies. The current French president asserts that “the policy I would like to follow in the next five years will be environmental or not.”


I don’t want to add another five years… I want it to be five years of full renewal

Emmanuel Macron, President of France

Macron promised that the new French prime minister would have the support of two strong ministers. The minister responsible for energy planning will be tasked with making France “the first major country to stop using oil, gas and coal”.

Macron also promised a minister responsible for “regional and environmental planning”. This minister will be tasked with “changing the way we travel every day” and will have to invest more in rail and river transport. “I don’t want to just add five more years…I want it to be five years of full renewal,” the president said.

Macron will face Marine Le Pen in the second round of elections on April 24. During the first round of elections last weekend, Le Pen had to defeat the incumbent president: He managed to convince nearly 28 percent of the electorate, and she took more than 23 percent of the vote.

What if… Marine Le Pen became president? This is the France you are thinking of

French protest against the far right

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