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Emoji reactions, large files and group chats: Whatsapp provides updates

Emoji reactions, large files and group chats: Whatsapp provides updates

Some novelties of the popular messaging app Whatsapp: Since Friday, users can send larger files – up to 2 GB, previously limited to 100 MB. Also new: emoji responses to larger group messages and chats.

So now you can reply to messages with thumbs, heart, smiley smile, smiley cry and two hands together. The latter is often confused with “prayer,” but it actually means “thank you.” “We will continue to focus on this feature by adding additional ‘comments’ at a later time,” she said in a blog post.This new function is especially useful for group chats. Anyone who used to make a good joke in a group conversation was treated to too many ‘haha’ and too many notices. With these emoji interactions, group conversations should stay a little more organized.

Send larger files via WhatsappAlso, Meta – formerly FaceBook Inc. And Whatsapp Owner – Size of files you can forward via Whatsapp. This used to be limited to 100MB files, now you can send files up to 2GB. Another new feature: larger group chats. Previously, group chats were limited to 256 participants, now this limit has been increased to 512.

Whatsapp says it will roll out these new functions globally “step by step”. A small sample of our editorial team is learning that some users already have emoji-related reactions. However, the file limit was still limited on Friday evening. No one dared to have a group chat with more than 256 people.

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