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Enrique Maas missed early flight: ‘My fault and no one else’

Enrique Maas missed early flight: ‘My fault and no one else’

Wed 20 Jul 2022 at 09:02

During the sixteenth stage of the Tour de France, we watched Enrique Mas do battle early, on the penultimate climb. However, the Spaniard’s intention was to choose the attack even earlier: he wanted to be with the early flight. It failed. Mas put his hand on his lap after that.

“I should have been on the run. But I got locked up when it was set up. It’s my fault and not anyone else’s fault,” said Maas Comet, who saw a large leading group drift away with final stage winner Hugo Hall. After all, Maas attacked.He was supported by Gregor Mullberger and Carlos Verona.

“We tried later with the team, but things didn’t go well. We should have taken the initiative more to make it work,” says Maas. At first, he walked away more than a minute from the favorite group, but in the end he couldn’t hold it. Actually , arrived at Foix about three minutes later than Vingegaard and his colleagues.

Due to the loss of time, Mas withdrew from the top ten. He is now eleventh in Vingegaard’s twelve minutes and 45 seconds. However, the number six in the 2021 round is still combative: “We’ll keep trying.”

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