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Environmental organizations sue the Flemish government over 'failed manure policy' |  interior

Environmental organizations sue the Flemish government over ‘failed manure policy’ | interior

Flemish water quality is not improving, and the European Commission has already scolded the region as one of the worst students in the class. Helen de Smit (BBL) points out that due to poor water quality in the Netherlands, an “exception end” is applied, which means farmers are allowed to spread less manure.

Dredd’s Dries Verhaghi warns that license freeze, analogous to the nitrogen crisis, is one of the risks to the agricultural sector. According to environmental organizations, the additional uncertainty and economic damage that such a license freeze could result in the economy, especially in the current crisis, could be missed like a toothache.

For them, the current problem is that agriculture “must be entirely within the limits of the environment,” it seems. “Flanders should not only focus on nitrogen emissions and acidification, but should establish links with other environmental and public health problems through an integrated vision. This alone will ensure that the nitrogen approach uses public resources efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the agricultural sector benefits only from Long-term legal certainty.

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