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EU member states oppose commission gas plans

EU member states oppose commission gas plans

Three member states have indicated that they will not support the European Commission’s plan to cut gas. In addition, nine member states still have questions. The plan calls for member states to provide 15% of the gas.

EU ambassadors from Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal attended the meeting with concern on Wednesday. They worry that the Commission is simply laying out a blueprint for their energy policy – which is largely a national competence. According to the plan, 15 percent of gas should be saved compared to the previous five years. Initially on a voluntary basis, but in the event of an emergency, the commission can implement this objective.

“Member states must have the last word,” was the response to the smart individual committee. Greece, Portugal and Spain already say they do not support the plan. they found One fits allThe approach is not perfect. And hardly the three import gas of Russian origin. Each member state has its differences, which the plan does not take sufficiently into account, according to critics. Poland also indicates that it is on this line.

‘Waiting is not a good idea’

And the commission, which revealed the plans on Wednesday, says waiting any longer with strict measures is not a good idea. This makes gas more expensive and we dance more to the tune of Russia, it seemed.

Today, European energy ministers are still meeting to discuss plans. At a special meeting next Tuesday, the gas plan will need the support of at least 15 member states.

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