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European Championship 3x3: Verfort leads the Belgian Lions to overtake Azerbaijan after returning in the last minute |  3x3 Basketball

European Championship 3×3: Verfort leads the Belgian Lions to overtake Azerbaijan after returning in the last minute | 3×3 Basketball

The Belgian Lions 3×3 are in action this weekend in Graz, Austria, as they battle for the European title at the European Championships. On this page we closely follow the performance of the Belgians.

  1. 5 p.m. 25. A second mission will follow later this evening. With their first win in their pocket, the Lions can look forward to their match against the Netherlands at 10.05pm. Our northern neighbors will play first against Azerbaijan at 7:30 pm. & nbsp; .
  2. 5 p.m. Verfort takes lions in hand: 14-13. With one minute left on the clock, the Belgium Lions 3×3 were four points behind. The Belgians managed to correct this imbalance situation. Siles decorated his free throw, and Verfort made it 13-13 with a much-needed double pointer. In the last seconds of the match Verfort broke into the ring, Azerbaijan could not follow up and needed a foul to stop him. Our compatriot did not miss it and won his team in no time. .
  3. 4 pm 58. Halfway through the match, Azerbaijan is leading 6-5. Black’s opponent looks very keen and thinks the lead is on the board. .
  4. 4 pm. 53. Physical match. Azerbaijan vigorously defends the Belgian Lions balancing the plates after 3 minutes: 4-4 after the intense opening minutes. .
  5. 4 pm 47. The Belgian Lions are preparing for their first match. Can they win their first match convincingly right away? .
  6. 4 pm 06.
  7. 3 p.m. 37 – Timings are at 4:45 p.m. and 10:05 p.m. The Belgian Lions 3×3 will participate twice today. At 4:55 pm Azerbaijan will be the opponent, and at 10:50 pm comes the match against our northern neighbors. Don’t miss the live broadcast. .
  8. 15 hours 28.
  9. 15 o’clock 22. Belgian lions in group with Holland and Azerbaijan. The Netherlands and Azerbaijan compete as the Belgian Lions’ 3×3 rivals in the group stage of the European Championships. The best two from each group advance to the quarter-finals. Just like the semi-finals and final, it will take place on Sunday. Belgium has only one goal: to become a group winner on its way to the Medal of Honor. .
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