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European Championships in Athletics Live: What can the Belgian relay teams do in the 4x100m?  |  European Athletics Championships

European Championships in Athletics Live: What can the Belgian relay teams do in the 4x100m? | European Athletics Championships

The final evening of the European Athletics Championships in Munich is expected to be a busy evening for the Belgians. With 2 relay teams and possibly 6 athletes in the finals, there may still be an apple out of the cupboard for Belgium. Watch the live broadcast now.

The Belgians at the European Athletics Championships on August 21
Anne Zagre Semi-finals 100m hurdles 13″ 12 (V, out)
Elliot Christian 800m final 1’45” 68 (eighth)
Timothy Hermann The final javelin 74.84 AD (tenth)
Isaac Kimlik 10000m final a task
Michael Summers 10000m final 29’10” 13 (21)
Simone De Beaugonis 10000m final 28’08” 60 (13)
Belgian Falcons 4x100m final 39″ 01 (sixth)
9.20 pm Belgian missiles 4x100m final

  1. 9 pm 12. Just repeat the sequence of the Belgian Hawks. Robin Vanderbemden will start soon, then it will be up to Ward Merckx. Jordan Backout is the third runner, Kobe Flemings can put on top. .
  2. 9 pm 07. Surprise the Belgian hawks? Tension is rising for the Belgian hawks. The 4x100m final is fast approaching. Four years ago, gold went to Great Britain, Turkey went to silver and bronze to Holland. Are they back on the podium? .
  3. 9:05 p.m. Weber’s golden javelin throw.

    Weber’s golden javelin throw

  4. 9 p.m. 01. Mahuchich plays favorite role. The address belongs to Yaroslava Mahuchich. She got the gold after a net run with a jump of over 1.95 metres. The silver medal goes to Montenegro Maria Vukovic. She hit on her third attempt only at 1.95m and then failed three times at 1.97m. .
  5. 21 hours. Gold libre! Etelatalo can’t improve on his last attempt and has to make peace with Bronze. Vadlejch is no longer performing better and neither is gold for Weber. The German home crowd treats him with thunderous applause. .
  6. It’s 8 pm. 57. We also got into the javelin throw to the final fight for medals. Three other candidates: German Julian Weber is currently leading the dance with 87.66 metres, Jacob Vadelgisch is second with 87.28 metres, Finn Lassi Itilalo is third with 86.44 metres. .
  7. It’s 8 pm. 56. The conclusion is approaching in the high jump. Jaroslava Mahocic has one contender for gold: Montenegro Maria Vukovic. On her third attempt, the height was more than 1.95 meters. Bronze is barely 17-year-old Angelina Tobik. She stayed clear until 1.93 metres, but then failed three times at 1.95 metres. .
  8. It’s eight in the evening. Sommers: “The corpse has been empty for months.”

    Sommers: “The corpse has been empty for months.”

  9. 8 p.m. 49. Debognies: “When I blew up I didn’t have an answer ready.”

    Debognies: “When I Exploded, I Didn’t Have an Answer Ready”

  10. 20 hours 48. Skrzyszowska is the fastest on the hurdles.

    Skrzyszowska is the fastest on the hurdles

  11. 8:47 p.m. Sember fails, Skrzyszowska wins. Cindy Semper makes a mistake and finishes off, it’s Pia Skrysowska rushing to the gold in 12″ 53. The Polish is clearly too strong for Hungary’s Luka Kozak, who took the silver in the national record. Bronze is for Switzerland’s Ditaji Kamponje Nadine Visser falls short On the podium by only a hundred.
  12. 8 pm 44. The 100m hurdles final. Time for the 100m hurdles final, unfortunately without Anne Zaghari. British Cindy Semper is the number one favourite. It is also important to know if Nadine Visser will win the Medal of Honor this time. 4 years ago I just fell off the podium. .
  13. 8 pm 39. With 5 medals to 3. They are five in the high jump final. 17-year-old Serbian Angelina Topek leads the way. Montenegro’s Maria Vukovic, Dutch Brett Wehrmann and Ukrainian duo Irina Gerashenko and Yaroslava Mahocic are still participating in the medals. .
  14. 8 pm 36. 10th place for Hermann. Only the top eight get three extra throws in the javelin and Timothy Hermann is not among them. He was unable to improve on his first throw of 74.84 meters and finished 10th in the final. .
  15. 8 pm. 34. Kripa is the European Champion in the 10,000m, Debonnez is the best Belgian.

    Kripa is the European champion in the 10,000 metres, and Debonese is the best Belgian

  16. 20 Hours 33. Simone DeBoignes eventually finished in 13th, and Michael Sommers finished 21st. .
  17. 8:30 p.m. Kripa hits the ball on the last lap! Crippa keeps the best until the end. Italy’s favorite favorite breaks away with a sharp acceleration on the last lap and passes Mezngi to the European title in 27’46” 13. Mezngi still saves silver, at his personal best. Bronze goes to France’s Jan Schrop.
  18. 8:30 p.m. After Ingbrigtsen in the 5,000m, are we also on our way to the Norwegian title in the 10,000m? .
  19. 8:30 p.m. Kimeli comes out and doesn’t make it to the end.

    Kimeli comes out and doesn’t reach the end

  20. 8 pm 29. Mezngi goes solo. The Norwegian Mezngi goes off on its own and instantly creates a nice gaping hole. Five athletes led by Gresser are trying to come back. .
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