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Europol dismantles malware for Android smartphones |  Technique

Europol dismantles malware for Android smartphones | Technique

This month, Dutch police dismantled a malicious program that penetrated smartphones. Europol reported that this happened after an investigation involving the Belgian Federal Police.

It is related to the “FluBot” malware, which appeared in December 2020. The malware was installed on Android smartphones via a link sent to victims via SMS. It was meant to be a link for tracking package delivery, or for listening to voicemail.

Once the hackers got into the smartphones, they stole the login details for banking apps or cryptocurrency account details. In addition, they also redirected the link through which “FluBot” was installed to all contacts in smartphones: the malware spread quickly and widely.

Dutch police managed to take control of the infrastructure behind Flobot this month. It is not yet clear who is behind the global hacking.

In addition to the Dutch and Belgian police, police forces in Australia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, the United States, Sweden and Switzerland also participated in the investigation. Coordinated by Europol.

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