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elke ochtend tijd voor mezelf

“Every morning I have an hour at work in secret”

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Just read without disturbing and finally some time to yourself. Masja faithfully keeps an hour of my time each morning in the pumping room near her office.

Masha (33): “Every day, around eleven, I leave with me breast pump, bottles and a reading book to my custom-built expression room, in the back of our town hall office. It is a beautiful, light and hidden space behind the warehouse. I never interrupt. I’ve been there with my two oldest kids and now with baby Julian I’m using it for the third time.

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cheat time

The only thing is that I stopped breastfeeding weeks ago. Julian didn’t like it at all. He didn’t have enough boobs and he’s doing better food formula For hungry children. However, I still faithfully “pumped” for an hour each morning. It’s time to cheat. The moment of the day when I can read, the biggest moment Hobby. At home, I don’t deal with that with three five-year-olds.

None of my colleagues miss me. My work is organized in such a way that I easily miss an hour a day. With my two oldest children up to nine months pumps. So I can happily miss school for a few more months.”

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