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Ex-model Linda Evangelista on Vogue cover: 'But that's not my jaw and neck in real life'

Ex-model Linda Evangelista on Vogue cover: ‘But that’s not my jaw and neck in real life’

Linda Evangelista, 57, once again graces the cover of the September issue of fashion magazine Vogue. Especially, because the former supermodel lived in denial for years after a dramatic cosmetic treatment that “disfigured” her body. Although according to Evangelista, a lot of tape and rubber bands were used during the photo shoot to hold her face tightly back.

“This isn’t my jaw and neck in real life. I can’t walk around with duct tape and rubber bands all over the place. You know what, I try to love myself as I am,” Evangelista said after her makeup artist photo shoot. It allowed me to feel confident while shooting while doing what I love most.”

Linda Evangelista was once one of the most photographed and most expensive models in the world, but for the past five years she has not dared to leave her home. It was because she underwent the CoolSculpting treatment, which according to the medical center offers a “less invasive alternative to liposuction,” to which her body reacted completely the wrong way.

After six months of treatment, Evangelista noticed in mid-2016 that bulges were forming on her chin, back, hips, around her chest and under her armpits. Precisely in places where she wanted to lose weight, now bubbles appeared that became harder and harder, and finally felt like “dead” spots. Evangelista turned out to be a victim of “paradoxical fat hypertrophy,” a known but rare side effect of fat mass freezing.

Linda announced last year that she had filed a lawsuit against CoolSculpting’s parent company Zeltiq Aesthetics.

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