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Expectations were high, but Blumenthal couldn’t live up to them against Hurley

Maria Jose Granato on behalf of Blumenthal in a fight with Carmen Vincenti.© Photo by United Photos/Koen Suik

John Warmerdam


Blumenthal lost their first league game of the season. At Amsterdam’s Bos, Hurley was too strong in a 2-1 win on Saturday evening. A bitter pill for Blumenthal, not because expectations were too high.

The transfer of three internationally renowned hockey players to Kopje this summer was notable. Maria Jose Granato from Argentina, Sonja Zimmerman from Germany and Tyler Lench from New Zealand. Following them, Noah van der Hurk and Maud Praet moved from Scherweijde and Kooissch respectively and Laurin Bode came from their own youth.

The Sixers also faced Hurley, who dominated the first half. Blumenthal struggled to keep pace. A number of penalty corners were awarded to the home side, with Gitte Michels alert twice. 2-0 at half time.

Blumenthal changed his mind in the second half. There was a lot of pressure and possession trying to destroy the Amsterdam defence. Lench and Granato opened the bag of tricks wide open, but it yielded very little return. Carmel Bosch had the only scoring chance in the third quarter, but his effort went wide.

It still won early in the fourth quarter. Granato again went through the Hurley defensive line and a cross disappeared through the Amsterdam stick into the goal. Blumenthal put even more energy into the fight and, led by the industrious Granato and Lench, occasionally threatened. But the visitors could not equalise, no matter how hard they tried. Even after coach Dave Smolenaars ejected goalie Danik Visser in the final period for an extra fielder.


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Hurley Blumenthal 2-1

25. Michaels 1-0 (sc), 28. Michaels 2-0 (sc), 47. Granato 2-1

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