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Expert: It's hard to hold the state responsible for Long Covid among healthcare workers

Expert: It’s hard to hold the state responsible for Long Covid among healthcare workers

health care workers

Many healthcare workers with Long Covid feel abandoned. For example, 46-year-old Mariska, who has worked in healthcare for 25 years, 19 of which were in the ambulance. She’s been in the house for two years now and she’s 100% disapproving. “Obviously we got sick while we were working,” she says. “We didn’t have enough protective materials. We were put in danger as it might not have been necessary later on.” “The protective caps were sent to China and they are not with us anymore, which feels very unfair.”

Before the summer, she and several of her colleagues visited Minister Helder for Long-Term Care in The Hague. They want better financial compensation and more research. “Hopefully we’ll get some gratitude in return,” said another medic, Ben. But that would be a big fight, the applause subsided and they forgot about us.”

The financial situation of these people can be dire. 28-year-old Roy talks about a drama. “I don’t know how much I’ll win yet, but I know it’s going to be about 50 percent of what I made before. This is just drama, it’s just bullshit.”

On Friday, Cabinet will discuss whether there will be a special fund to compensate healthcare workers with Long Covid. As a result, the unions will announce whether the lawsuit will be filed.

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