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Extinction Rebellion invades McDonald's in the pedestrian zone in Brussels (Brussels)

Extinction Rebellion invades McDonald’s in the pedestrian zone in Brussels (Brussels)

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About forty climate activists from Extinction Rebellion (XR) raided a McDonald’s branch in Brussels’ pedestrian zone on Sunday. They chant slogans and eat their vegetarian lunch.

ltosource: BELGA

It is the third day in a row that XR has carried out civil disobedience in Belgium to denounce the number of factory farms. They noted that meat consumption would have to drop dramatically in order to achieve climate targets. Today they are targeting the fast food giant, one of the main destinations for meat from intensive livestock farms.

Several XR activists stormed McDonald’s on Sunday afternoon, while others ate their vegan lunch on the balcony of the fast food branch. A third group of activists has carried out environmental extermination, a crime that destroys the environment, in Beursplein.

With this final action, XR wants to emphasize that intensive livestock farming threatens our health. “Factory farms are the source of many epidemics, such as bird flu and mad cow disease. In addition, the increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics in the meat we eat threatens to cause ten million deaths annually by 2050.

Police in the Ixelles region, Brussels-Capital, condoned this measure and allowed the demonstrators to continue for several hours. When they no longer wanted to keep the entrance to McDonald’s restaurants in the pedestrian zone free for customers, they stepped in. “Having been repeatedly asked to do so, and because consultation was not possible, 30 activists were arrested,” said Els van Deeker, a spokeswoman for the Brussels police.