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F43 presenting a tribute to the Tamburini Corse on November 28

F43 presenting a tribute to the Tamburini Corse on November 28

We still don’t know much about the bike other than what we can guess from the video and search for the Tamburini Corse’s brief press release. The official submission will take place after EICMA 2022, on November 28. Just waiting for the unveiling of one of the motorcycles that we are sure will attract the attention of enthusiasts around the world. Too bad only 25 copies are planned. Below is the press release.

The Massimo Tamburini brand was born at the behest of his son Andrea and for this exceptional event the F43 Tributo, the stylistic evolution of the MV Agusta F4, was specially designed by Tamburini Corse. The F43 Tributo wants to pay tribute to two great men who made history: Massimo Tamborini and Claudio Castiglioni. Two friends fulfill their dreams with creations that motorbike enthusiasts dream of. The F43 Tributo project combines an absolute reference design that faithfully reflects the stylistic dictates of “Made by Tamburini”, with aerodynamic solutions that create the right amount of motorcycle downforce without the use of obvious and ugly accessories. “

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The name F43 is inspired by the initials F4, along with 43, the year of Massimo Tamborini’s birth. The bike is a personal tribute to Andrea Tamborini, truly made in Italy to the highest standard, both in terms of technology and design.”

“All parts of the F43 Tributo’s body including the superstructure (excluding the fuel tank and airbox) are made of carbon fibre, using the best technology available today, which is also used in the aerospace sector.”

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“The F43 Tributo will be custom built by Tamburini Corse, owned by Andrea Tamburini, in just 25 unique units that will be completely hand sprayed.”

Buyers will be able to choose from 5 different versions, thanks to a graphic/chromatic reinterpretation of the most popular F4 models of the last 25 years. Specifically, 25 unique models of the F43 Tributo have been divided into the following variants:

  • Tamborine
  • filtro
  • mamba
  • Oro . series
  • snake.

Additionally, to meet the needs of post-2010 F4 owners, the Tamburini Corse will provide a kit to upgrade their F4 to the F43 Tributo, again with only 25 unique and certified copies. The official unveiling date is November 28, 2022. Costs will be determined.