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Facebook splits the Home feed into two parts: App in Android and iOS will look a little different soon

Facebook splits the Home feed into two parts: App in Android and iOS will look a little different soon

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Meta is making some changes to the Facebook app for iPhone and Android smartphones. Anyone who opens the app will soon be next to ‘home’ – known as ‘home’. feed– See New Tab. There you will be able to see videos, photos, posts of your friends, pages you have liked, groups you belong to … in chronological order.

Arthur de Meyer

DisreputablefeedThe flow of messages, photos, statuses, and shared articles you see when you open the Facebook app. A large amount of ink has already been poured on it. About how “algorithms” determine what you see there and certain (sometimes incorrect) content Payoften at the expense of PostsOr photos or videos of your “real” friends. Meta now wants to fix the latest issue with the changes they announced on Thursday.

In addition to the Home Page, Facebook apps (iOS and Android) will now also have a dedicated tab.feeds‘ to have. There you can scroll through photos, videos, posts your friends have shared, pages you’ve liked, groups you’re part of…and in chronological order. Just like in the early days of social media. You’ll still see ads in personalized feeds, but no “suggested for you” content.

“Home” unchanged

The Home tab you see first when you open the app remains unchanged. When you open the app, you can still get a personal profile feed with our content Discovery Engine (Algorithm ed.) I think you’ll find it important,” Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, wrote in a Facebook post.Save the user.) would like more options in terms of how Content tidy and how you can see it,” it still seemed. “There are moments when you know exactly what you want to see. Let’s say: the most recent posts of a particular group on Facebook, but (There will also be times when it is red.You want to discover fresh, fresh and entertaining content.”

The update will be rolled out globally in the coming days. A survey of editors showed that some iPhone users have custom “feeds”. This is expected to take up to a week.


This development suggests that the company is in two minds: On the one hand, Facebook wants to become closer to TikTok by relying on very good algorithms in recommending content. This is to keep users on the platform for as long as possible. On the other hand, Meta also does not want to get rid of a large group of “traditional” users. The latter, for example, cares more about the status of their friends and vacation photos than “suggest youPosts from Pages, celebrities or people they don’t know. “One of Facebook’s most requested functions is making sure people don’t miss out on their friends’ posts,” Zuckerberg wrote. Hence this approach. But this “home” with the recommended algorithm feed Displayed by default when you open the app indicates the spread of TikTok’ification for Facebook and Meta.

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