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Fall Guys go to space on September 15th in the new season

Fall Guys go to space on September 15th in the new season

A teaser for the new Fall Guys season already appeared last week in the form of a temporary Satellite repair mission event. It looks like this satellite has been fixed, because Fall Guys goes further into space: the next season remains in the strange topic titled Satellite Scramble.

The new season will be released on September 15th and will bring loads of new costumes and challenges. Peek at Fall Guys Team Blog He tells us that costumes related to Star Trek and Alien will be added, among other things, so you’ll soon be able to dress up as a Bean Man like Spock or Xenomorph. The season is free to play, but for all the really cool costumes, you must of course purchase the season pass.

Of course it’s not a new season without new levels, so there are plenty of new levels with a touch of space paint. In the new levels you have to walk on unseen paths, draw patterns as you walk, and more crazy. For example, there is a level at which you have to walk to the crown with your team “on your toes”, but what this means in practice remains a mystery to the goalkeeper.

If you’re curious, check out the trailer below. If you fall into the space level, you can run happily, because in space, no one can hear your scream…

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