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Farmer Kim still picks an Emmy in the movie Boer zkt.  Woman: "When she had to leave, I wanted to follow her"

Farmer Kim still picks an Emmy in the movie Boer zkt. Woman: “When she had to leave, I wanted to follow her”

Farmer Kim picked Jennie last week, but it was clear that his heart was actually with Amy. So he finally chose it.

Potato farmer Kim (29) made a firm decision. Last week he made his last choice in Sees the farmer. Women† He thought. Because while he was having a romantic weekend with Jenny, he kept thinking about Emi (23), the lady he had sent away. So much so that he chose her after hesitation. “I was lucky that she still had feelings for me.”

Wout Desmytere

“Something happened on the romantic trip,” Kim admitted to Dina Tarsago. “It’s not what I was expecting. I thought I would feel like this: that’s it† But I could not enjoy it one hundred percent, because I still had doubts in my head. The next day I told Jenny about it. Of course I hated it. But I can’t explain it any other way, I was still too much with Amy in my head.”

Amy, this is the candidate Kim he let go the last time. Although it was clear from his tears that he wasn’t one hundred percent behind her. On a Sunday evening, a potato farmer was seen leaving everything for a while, before calling Emi again. And that first conversation went smoothly, at the end of the episode the two walked out as a married couple.

After a moment of decision I thought: Sorry, that’s not true hereKim says. “When I realized I would never see her again, it hit me so hard. When I had to leave, I thought for a moment that I would follow her. But that seemed so dramatic to me.” (Smiles)

woman of my life

It was also an emotional day for Amy. “I didn’t think it would be that hard. I had to cry in the car because I realized it all then. Were there feelings? Hard to say in such a short time, but still a bit. And I only fully realized it at that chosen moment. Of course I hoped.” Being mutual, but you know you’re not alone. That was hard, yeah.”

Farmer Kim says of his feelings for Amy:

“I’ve never experienced this before,” Farmer Kim says of his feelings for Amy.

Dina Tarsago asked the couple the basic question: What about Jenny? It’s definitely not easy for her, Amy said. “I hope you don’t blame us.” Kim added, “It’s such a shame that it turned out like this and that I didn’t realize until after that I was in love with Amy.” “I shouldn’t have played with Jenny’s feelings. But I really didn’t realize it and I can’t go back in time.”

The couple just wants to look ahead. But it was clear that love is a great thing. “I was fortunate that Emi still has feelings for me, because for the same money…but we’ve been meeting regularly since then and it’s been convenient again. It’s indescribable. I’ve never experienced this before. The woman of my life? Believe. At this moment on any Case. You never know with me.” (He laughs)

Next week will be the last episode of Sees the farmer. Women Broadcast, where Dina Trasago gathers for the Five Farmers Reunion after seven months to review this adventure. It will become clear which of the farmers has found true love.

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