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Farmers' protests escalate in the Netherlands: farmers visit politicians at home

Farmers’ protests escalate in the Netherlands: farmers visit politicians at home

The Dutch protest against nitrogen policy spiraled out of control again on Tuesday night. Both the Minister of Nitrogen and a member of the House of Representatives angered farmers at their door.

The Dutch government’s plans to tackle the nitrogen problem still face fierce protest from our northern neighbors. On Tuesday afternoon, farmers flocked to The Hague, where a vote was taken on proposals made during last week’s House nitrogen debate.

But it didn’t stop there. Long traffic jams arose on many highways due to works with agricultural vehicles. Hay bales have been burned in several places along motorways, such as the A12 between The Hague and Utrecht.

Photo: epa-efe

Politicians on the horizon

On Tuesday evening, the demonstration got out of control when angry farmers went to the home of Minister Christian van der Waal (Nature and Nitrogen) and broke through a police barricade on the street. They pushed a police car aside so the tractors could go down the street. The minister was not home at the time, but her family was, according to her spokesperson. It is the second day in a row that farmers are protesting the nitrogen policy at the Minister’s House.

Meanwhile, it became known that a second politician received farmers at the door of his house. It is about Christian Democratic MP Dirk Boswick, who is involved in agricultural files. The man himself was not at home, but members of his family, including children aged 4-7, were. A police spokesperson said several politicians have appeared on social media Norwegian Refugee Council

Dutch farmers wanted to express their dissatisfaction with the Rutte Cabinet’s nitrogen plans. It wants to reduce ammonia emissions from agriculture by 40 percent. Although the minister also suggested reducing it by 70 percent. This nitrogen limitation is necessary to protect nature.

Farmers' protests escalate in the Netherlands: farmers visit politicians at home

Photo: epa-efe

Police car destroyed

According to the police, the work at the minister’s house “clearly crossed the line. A police car and a haystack were also destroyed through a forage harvester towards the minister’s house. The situation is also dangerous and unacceptable towards emergency workers.” Police chief William Walders said on Twitter , who announced earlier today that farmers’ actions are escalating: “It’s just scary.” He wants to see if people can be tracked.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte expressed his dissatisfaction with the NATO summit in Madrid. He says he was “horrified” by the photos. The prime minister regrets that a “small group of farmers” sabotage the measures, but warns that the police will take action against them.

On Monday, police set up another security post at the minister’s home. More than two weeks ago, the first demonstration took place at the minister’s house. It happened after she presented her plans for nitrogen.

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