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Ferrari wants 60 percent of its cars to be hybrid or electric by 2026

I’m not sure.
There will be a lot of Ferrari buyers looking (a lot) beyond the 0-100 sprint and what else.
I think over 99% of people were impressed with the (straight) speed that electricity can deliver.
But I haven’t often seen an electric car seriously driven around a track.
For example, look at the file List of fastest laps (from street legal products) On the Nordschleife, I think the Tesla Model S Plaid is the fastest.

It’s simply the fact that electricity isn’t the fastest ever (on the track) and that’s what (a number of) people are looking for.

More powerful: The T33 from GMA (Gordon Murray Automotive) has an automatic gearbox (in the top model, the T50, this is not available: only a manual gearbox), but there are only a few buyers who go for it, even if it is an automatic gearbox faster.

Aside from the front gear, the electric has little to offer. I don’t have the pleasure of shifting gears and feeling (nostalgic?) to control and sonic experience.

That’s why I think it’s a shame that the fuel engine is finished. Why is it not loading heavily? Although I am wondering about track-only fuel-engine products. Can they still be made?

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