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| Feyenoord fan Kevin interrupts world tour of final against Roma: ‘Friends know nothing’

RTV Rijnmond is definitely making fantastic stuff one after the other in the conference league final between Feyenoord and AS Roma in Tirana, Albania. On Wednesday the media pulled Feyenoord Kevin in front of the camera, who traveled for at least 38 (!) Hours to be with his club.

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Kevin is on a world tour with his girlfriend and has interrupted his dream trip to Peru to travel to Albania. “My girlfriend in Prague (Slavia) said, ‘You fly to Albania,'” Kevin said. “Let me tell you soon. I left at 6:00 am on Monday.”

From Peru to Tirana
Departed from Cusco to the capital Lima. From there he traveled to Bogot, the capital of Colombia. One flight from there to England, another flight and he was in Albania on Wednesday morning.

“My friends know nothing. I told someone I needed a bed,” he continued. “Once everyone here was surprised. ‘You were in Peru, weren’t you?’, That’s right. Now I’m here.” His girlfriend offered him the trip wholeheartedly. “Is there a Girlfriend of the Year award? Then I would like to nominate her here.”

Long journey
Kevin did not make the long journey. It was reserved for the Finnord player who came from New Zealand to Albania. “He won,” Kevin said. The supporter also made a small prediction in the final. “3-1, 3 times tessers for Feyenoord!”

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