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Financial support for the non-profit De Woudezel to transform the barn: 'We want space for workshops'

Financial support for the non-profit De Woudezel to transform the barn: ‘We want space for workshops’

Diderik Clarebout (41 years old) started in 2008 with a food forest in Houthulst. Vzw De Woudezel is a leading company in the field of food forestry in Flanders. Diderik submitted a file to the Leader and receives a subsidy to build the necessary infrastructure for workshops and vocational training.

The cost of the project is 111,200 euros, for which support has been secured in the amount of 33,600 euros. “So far, the educational impact has always persisted in my private life, and it’s far from ideal,” Diedek says. Therefore, the plan is to adapt the large shed and allow educational activities to continue there. In order to adapt it to the needs of the process, a lot of modifications had to be made and I got support for that. On the other hand, there is an education that anyone with an interest can attend. There, the workings of the food forest are explained, edible plants are taught and the link between nature, agriculture and agroecology is indicated.”

edible plants

There is also the sale of fruit via a vending machine. There, the freshly picked fruit from our food forests and the products made from them are within easy reach all summer long. There is also a plant nursery where mainly plants from the food forest and ecological garden are grown and offered for sale.”

Diedrick started with an ordinary farmland. “I have turned everything into a food forest with my own hands. At first people were very skeptical about my way of working, while nowadays there is a growing interest in this.

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My goal is to show that agroecology is possible, that there are other options for farming, that there are multiple options for farming and one does not necessarily have to go in the destructive direction. I want to grow more in the future and work more professionally thanks to the shed.” (Annie Callewaert)