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Finland's European Affairs Minister confirms that Finland's candidacy for NATO is "highly likely" |  abroad

Finland’s European Affairs Minister confirms that Finland’s candidacy for NATO is “highly likely” | abroad

“It is very likely, but the decision has not yet been made,” the minister told Sky News. Meanwhile, Moscow has already warned Finland and Sweden that membership will have consequences for those countries and for European security.

Sweden is also considering the possibility of joining† The Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, had said during a visit to that country that “within weeks” whether to apply for membership would be decided after a parliamentary debate on the matter.

Finland has a 1,300 km border with Russia. For the country, NATO membership would provide a “much greater” dissuade against a possible attack by Russia, said the white paper on the subject released two days ago.

“It seems that the Finns have made up their minds and there was already a large majority in favor of joining NATO,” said Toburainen.

Support among the Finnish population for membership has stagnated at around 20-25% for decades, but has now nearly tripled to over 60% and even 70%. It also shows a majority in the Finnish Parliament. Of the parliamentarians who have already expressed their position, about a hundred out of 200 are already in favor of joining. Only 12 against, according to opinion polls of local media.

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