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First effect on the new king's reputation: dismissal of one hundred Charles' employees: 'Everyone is absolutely mad'

First effect on the new king’s reputation: dismissal of one hundred Charles’ employees: ‘Everyone is absolutely mad’

About 100 employees at Clarence House, the official residence of Crown Prince Charles, have been told they will be laid off. That sentinel reports. “Everyone is very angry,” a source said. “All the staff have worked hard since Thursday, after which they will be told. People were visibly trembling.”

GVsource: Watchman

With Charles taking the throne, his office would also move from Clarence House to Buckingham Palace, less than a hundred yards away. But there is no room for fewer than 100 of the new king’s staff – including some who have worked with Charles for decades. These will be secretaries, accountants, spokespersons and local staff.

The decision is difficult for many, just as they say they are working “around the clock” to make the transition from crown prince to king as smooth as possible for their boss. An additional painful detail: they received the news when Charles attended a memorial service for his mother at St Giles’ Cathedral in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.


The employees involved reportedly assumed they could keep their jobs until they received a letter out of the blue on Tuesday from Sir Cliff Alderton, Charles’ right-hand man. In the message, which can be viewed by Watchmanas follows: “The changing role of our chiefs (plus Charles also Queen Consort Camilla, editor) It also means change for our family… The duties previously performed by this family in support of the personal interests and activities of the former Prince of Wales will no longer be performed, and the Clarence House family will be closed. So it is expected that there will be no need for jobs that are mostly centered at Clarence House.”

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“I realize this is disturbing news, and I want to tell you that support is available,” Alderton said. For example, dismissed employees will be instructed in looking for a new job with the British royal family or elsewhere, and will receive increased severance pay. Only certain positions that “provide direct, close and personal support and advice” to Charles and Camilla will remain.

No official decision on layoffs has yet been made: it is said that a “consultation period” must be waited first, which begins after the Queen’s funeral on Monday. However, this appears to be a formality, and the affected employees are furious. “Everyone is so angry, even Special Secretary(Civil Servants Departments, editor) and others with experience,” a source said Watchman. All employees have been working hard since Thursday, and they will be told. People were visibly trembling.”

Buckingham Palace

Furthermore, it is not yet clear if Charles and Camilla will finally move into Buckingham Palace as a residence. Large parts of the palace are currently being renovated, a process that could take years. It was therefore speculated that the new king, who had long been known to consider Buckingham Palace a ruin, would use the palace only for official gatherings such as receptions, masses and banquets, while continuing to use Clarence House as his residence.

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