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Fitbit users to switch to a Google account from 2025 – tablets and phones – news

Fitbit will no longer support Fitbit accounts. Instead, users must use a Google account. From 2023, users will be able to transfer their data to a Google account. Support for Fitbit accounts will end in 2025.

On the Fitbit support page You can read what it would look like to switch to Google Accounts. From 2023, Google accounts will be supported. They can then optionally be used on Fitbit wearables, but future features and Fitbit devices will require a Google account. New users must also create a Google account.

Fitbit accounts are supported “at least until early 2025,” after which all users must use a Google Account on Fitbit devices. The support page states that Google will not use health data from Fitbit for advertising.

In January 2021 Google has completed its acquisition of FitbitBringing Fitbit and the Google ecosystem closer than ever. For example, Pixel Watch gets files Fitbit integrationWhich means that Fitbit’s own fitness and health tools will also be on the upcoming Google smartwatch.

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