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Fleming salutes Elvis at America's Got Talent final: 'If we win, we just have to pay for it' |  Instagram HLN

Fleming salutes Elvis at America’s Got Talent final: ‘If we win, we just have to pay for it’ | Instagram HLN

TelevisionElvis Presley is “alive” and sings again. Anyway, last night’s “America’s Got Talent” finale. Thanks to Chris Ohme (33 years old), who brought it back to life with deepfake techniques. Whether it was the first Fleming to come home to in the million-dollar ‘AGT’ final and show in Las Vegas, we’ll only know tomorrow morning. But they won anyway: “Simon Cowell said, ‘You’re going to Vegas anyway. “

“Best and most original acting I’ve ever seen,” Simon Cowell said last night. While the jury member was sitting in his chair, he was also singing live on America’s Got Talent at the same time. This time next to the “King of Rock and Roll”. by means of a high-quality piece of computer technology, called deepfake, by Chris Ohme of Limburg. He previously caused worldwide internet disruption by “cloning” Tom Cruise. But he stopped last night in Beverly Hills, where the final of the American talent show was held. Return of Elvis Presley. Dead for 45 years, but alive for two songs due to deepfakes. “It’s never going to work, as the makers of ‘America’s Got Talent’ predicted. But still,” Chris Rays. After six weeks of working on the computer, asking permission from seven companies and heirs, and recovering old footage showing Elvis, we are three Belgians. (Chris Ohm, Simon Deckers and Joe Plait, eds.).I was able to make a computer model of Elvis’ face. From there we started building. We worked until ten in the morning on the last day.”

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All that hard work has paid off. The American public even heard the real Elvis. “We used synthetic sound, as we put the artist on stage (via deepfake, the famous person is dropped on him, editor). Being able to sing in the real Elvis voice in certain parts,” says Chris. He worked on it for a month and a half with his company Metaphysic. The finale at America’s Got Talent went smoothly.” It’s already the third time I’ve come off the podium. Every time I think, “Please let things go well.” The first reaction was “Wow” so that the audience stood up. Then I can only be proud of what the team has accomplished.”

6 million Americans

The epilogue will follow at night from Wednesday to Thursday. Americans can vote for 24 hours. Then there will be a final episode, in which there will be eleven acts. In that exciting episode, Ohme and his team have another surprise in store. “We’re going to show our love for Simon Cowell,” he laughs. Chris never loses sleep about who will win America’s Got Talent. “Win or not, we’re already very proud of what we’ve done. Nobody has done this before. Ultimately, about six million American viewers will have seen this on TV, and it’s the biggest open We never get it.”

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A standing ovation from favorite actors Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum. The act of deepfaking seems to be the absolute favorite of the jury. “I think the top five are very realistic. It could be more than that, but I have very little insight about it,” says Chris. So there is strong competition. “Just look at Chapel Hart and Mayyas. These are incredible acts that you know are going to become stars in the world. I don’t mind losing to that. It’s really an honor to be among them.”

Although winning would be beneficial. Elvis’ comeback is a million dollar business, as it turns out. “Deepfaking on people who are no longer alive costs a lot of money. Let’s just say if we win a million dollars, that could cover most of the cost,” predicts Chris. But this is the future, isn’t it? Bringing back Michael Jackson or Marilyn Monroe, for example, the heirs already see opportunities in that.”

Special offer in Vegas

If Chris and his team win, he will have his own Las Vegas show on top of the cash prize. Although according to Simon Cowell, it’s coming anyway. After the show, he came to us as well. Whether you win ‘America’s Got Talent’ or not, he said, you’re going to Vegas anyway. I hope they are all out there watching because they need a show like this.” It’s great to hear.”

Chris has big plans for his company, Metaphysics. We are under attack from all sides. We currently have 38 employees spread across Belgium, London and America. We will double that number by the end of this year. We’ve made concrete agreements with major Hollywood studios.”

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