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'Flemishes are much nicer': Dutch MEAU sends goose bumps Pukkelpop |  festive summer

‘Flemishes are much nicer’: Dutch MEAU sends goose bumps Pukkelpop | festive summer

Music“During all of my shows, the audience sang together, but this time everyone was really hard.” Dutch MEAU (22) loves her Flemish fans and this love is clearly mutual. At 12 noon – on the last and therefore the most stressful day of the festival – the pavilion was full of the singer-songwriter from Utrecht. Her big hit “I did it” struck a chord there.

She had no stress before Pukkelpop’s baptism of fire, although the Dutch didn’t expect that many people would want to see her in action. “Sometimes worst care scenarios run through my head,” MEAU says. “Then I see myself playing in front of an empty hall. Before the first summer festival, I had another nightmare. I was on stage, in a big tent, and there were only ten people in front of me. Fortunately, reality looks different. It was great that at such an hour Early a crowd of fans appeared, especially for me. Did you know I like the Flemish audience more by the way? You guys don’t walk around in my songs and really listen to what I sing. The Dutch are really rude. Clumsy, but warm. (laughs) I live in Utrecht, but my dream The final is to have a second home in Ghent. I absolutely love that city.”

wave of recognition

Things have gone really fast since MEAU released “You did that” to the world at the end of last year. The song ranked #1 on Ultratop and above all caused a wave of recognition. The Dutch sing about a toxic relationship, and many people identify themselves with her words. “At first, I thought it was hard to bring that personal song about the situation with my ex on the air,” the singer continues. “But now I feel like it’s become a song for everyone, and it doesn’t necessarily feel like my story anymore. That’s fine. Of course I sometimes think about that dark time, but I just don’t feel like it anymore. It really helped me to be able to write off everything.” And it’s great that I was able to help so many people in this way. Was my ex-boyfriend’s reaction to the success of “I did it?”

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MEAU felt its best. © Joel Hollerts / Photonews

The singer-songwriter was surrounded by a powerful band.

The singer-songwriter was surrounded by a powerful band. © Joel Hollerts / Photonews

In the meantime, the singer had a new friend – his name is Jesper – and she also wrote a song about it, “As long as you’re with me.” “It’s the perfect time we spent together during the lockdowns,” MEAU explains. “This obligatory break has helped me. I’m usually a busy person – I love that too – but I felt good to take a step back. I enjoyed all this quality time with my love – lounging on the sofa like this can be really good.” The singer has a lot in common with her boyfriend, with whom she lives in Utrecht. “He’s also a musician and sometimes plays in my band. Not always, because we have to try to separate work and private life a little bit. Otherwise we’d be together constantly. (laughs) By the way, he was in the crowd at Marquee today. Yeah, we’re having a lot of fun together” .

stretched out on the beach

After a summer full of shows, the lovebirds are taking a little vacation to recharge their batteries. “We are leaving for Barcelona tomorrow and the plan is to lie on the beach for four days and do nothing. The summer was very busy, although I can appreciate the chaos. By the way, the autumn schedule is already full. From September I will be touring Belgium and Holland And there’ll also be a new single. “Keep on driving” sounds a little more rhythmic, even a little danceable. Very different from “I did it”, but the script again is very personal. I sing about the nice vibe I’m in right now. All Something’s going well, I’m very happy, and I don’t want to look back too much. Just set my mind to zero and move on. I suspect a lot of people will recognize themselves in that too.”