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Fletcher FU-24 RED A03 Flying with thrust • Pilot & Airplane

Core – A Fletcher FU-24 powered by a 500 horsepower RED A03-003 common rail compression ignition engine recently made its first flight in New Zealand. This German V-12 engine replaced the original 400 hp eight-cylinder Lycoming IO-720-A1A, AVGAS engine.

DIESEL AIR NEW ZEALAND LIMITED. Germany’s Red Aircraft has worked hard to replace the classic PAC FU-24 Fletcher in Germany, an iconic STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) aircraft.

This aircraft is widely used for agricultural crop protection and as a paratrooper aircraft. The Fletcher aircraft first flew in the mid-1950s and remained in production in several variants until 1992.

However, classic aircraft such as the FU-24 face increasing challenges as their older engines burn expensive leaded AVGAS fuel and spare parts make maintenance more difficult.

Following installation and engine certification with New Zealand aviation authorities, the Fletcher recently took to the skies. Diesel Air New Zealand Limited is the STC holder and uses the services of Phoenix Aviation.

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