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Fossilized heart of 380 million years old fish discovered

Fossilized heart of 380 million years old fish discovered

The age of the Earth is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years. It took another billion years after the planet was created before the first signs of life appeared. In this light, the discovery of a 380 million-year-old fossil of a fish is nothing special.

The heart 380 million years ago

Well, maybe if you look at the cool numbers, because the discovery of the fossilized heart of an armored fish that swam here about 380 million years ago can be described as unique. The fossil core has already been studied inside and out. It was not necessary to open it for this, like a carpenter. Scientists did to them Research using 3D scanning.

More advanced than expected

That study found that the 380 million-year-old fish had an S-shaped, two-chambered heart, with a smaller chamber on top of the larger one. These findings came as a surprise to paleontologists because they did not expect anatomy to be so advanced by then. Scientists say these new insights could also provide important new insights and information about the evolution of the head and neck region, such as the evolution of jaws in later life forms.

“As a paleontologist who has studied fossils for more than 20 years, I was really amazed to find a beautifully preserved 3D heart of a 380 million year old ancestor,” said paleontologist Kate Trinajstic of Curtin University in Australia.

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