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French aid workers concerned about the condition of the beluga dolphins in the Seine |  Abroad

French aid workers concerned about the condition of the beluga dolphins in the Seine | Abroad

French aid workers are concerned about a white dolphin swimming in the Seine, which is now about 70 kilometers from the French capital, Paris. The white dolphin, also known as the beluga, appears to be malnourished.


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The white dolphin was first seen on Tuesday. On Thursday, the animal was located near Vernon, more than 60 miles from the coast, where rescuers were able to monitor it for several hours before losing sight of the beluga. The French newspaper “Le Monde” reported that the white dolphin traveled more than thirty kilometers in one day.

Local authorities reported Thursday evening that the animal’s skin appears to have changed. The beluga whales are also malnourished. At the same time, the white dolphin spends a relatively short time on the surface, which indicates that it has received a sufficient amount of oxygen. Authorities said this complicates a potential rescue because the animal is “escaping from boats and cannot move towards the coast”.

A spokesperson for animal welfare organization Sea Shepherd said the beluga cannot stay where it is now because the waters in the Seine are “very polluted” and the river is “noisy”. Whales are very sensitive to sound. Local authorities are calling on people to stay away from the animal to prevent it from being subjected to additional stress.

The question is how to proceed with Beluga. The Sea Shepherd navigates by drones to keep a close eye on the animal. A spokesperson said: “It is important to continue feeding this white borehole to prevent it from facing the same fate as the orca that died at the end of May.” Then the seriously ill orca swam dozens of miles in the Seine after attempts to bring the animal back to sea failed. A month later, a 10-meter mink whale was seen in the river.

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These cetaceans usually occur in cold waters, but occasionally appear in the south. The length of the white dolphin can reach 5 meters.

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