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From 2023, stricter standards for those who build and completely renovate: This will change for your project |  MyGuide

From 2023, stricter standards for those who build and completely renovate: This will change for your project | MyGuide

liviusAre you going to build your home next year or completely renovate it? Keep in mind that stricter standards apply to the mandatory quota of renewable energy. This will be the same for building applications from January 1, 2023. Construction site Livios Explains exactly what that means.

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Serious builders and renovators should think carefully about the renewable resources they incorporate into their homes. Because to be sure Every home will be energy efficient by 2050, we will have to take into account increasingly stringent energy standards. Therefore, starting from the beginning of next year, the minimum amount of energy that we must get from renewable energy sources will increase. Currently, this minimum is 15 kWh/m2. This quota will rise to a minimum of 25 kWh/m2 for newly built homes and 20 kWh/m2 for major energy renovations. But how do you make your home protected from the future? Read more about the current EPB requirements for your renewal here.

Goodbye natural gas, hello sun!

One option is to make your home heating completely renewable. In any case, we should stay away from natural gas. So it is best to choose one source or a combination of green energy sources. Think solar panels, a solar boiler, a heat pump, biofuel heating, or a heat grid connection.

Please note that from 2023 only solar water heater Placement is no longer sufficient. In addition, you will have to rely on a renewable source, such as a heat pump, to heat water for showering and bathing. This is not a requirement to have hot water in the kitchen and laundry room. Read here how to choose the right heat pump for your home.

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Heating 2025

In 2025 we will go one step further. From then on, it will no longer be allowed to deliver gas to newly built homes. For our heating we look at a heat pump, heat grid, biomass boiler or direct electric heating. In terms of renewable energy share, we rely on our energy production through solar panels, solar boilers, and partial sharing.

What kind of “normal” renovations?

Did you buy an E or F level house or apartment? From January 1, 2023, you must renew it in an energy-friendly manner to at least a D mark within five years. These measures, along with tightening the share of renewable energy per square meter, should ensure that every home will be energy neutral by 2050. This is how you renovate your home to name a D.

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