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From Veurrink to Jonker: Who is the Orange Women’s new national coach? | Now

After the resignation of Mark Parsons, the KNVB Orange is looking for a new national coach for women. The search is an urgent task as the Netherlands play a decisive World Cup qualifier in three weeks’ time. These names are often referred to as successors to Parsons.

Arjan Wierink (35)

In a nine-month search for a successor to the successful Sarina Wiegmann, the KNVB was looking for a “Sarina-Plus” last year. “There is someone who can surpass Sarina who understands women’s football very well,” KNVB director Jan Dirk van der Zee told the newspaper. NOS. The union ended with Parsons after several cancellations. It turned out not to be “Sarina-plus” but “Mark-minus”, resulting in a disastrous European Championship.

With Arjan Veurrink, the KNVB comes closest to Wikmann. The Ommenor native spent 4.5 years as an assistant coach with the Orange girls. He also accompanied her to England last year as a right-hand man. The result was impressive: ‘The Three Lions’ became European champions in their own country last month.

Wierink is regarded as the tactical mastermind behind Weigman, but he also excelled on his own two feet. As coach of record champions FC Twente, he won four national titles between 2012 and 2016. Also, Wevrink did not hide the fact that one day she will become a national coach in women’s football. He is very popular among Orange International people.

“He has qualities, knowledge and experience in the Netherlands,” said former international Leon Stendler, an analyst for NOS and ESPN. “He was an easy successor to Sarina, but just before Wiegmann left the KNVB he was not allowed to follow the highest coaching practice.”

“Even now he’s an interesting name. But if I were him I wouldn’t do it. In eleven months you could win the world title with England. Why in God’s name would you leave and go to the Union? Did you snort when you took over?”

When asked, Veurick’s management office declined to comment on the rumors surrounding a move to the Netherlands. He is still under contract with the English Football Association (FA). After winning the European Championship, the FA said they wanted to break Wiegman’s contract and extend it.

Arjan Werring (left) has been Sarina Wikman’s right-hand man for years and a logical candidate for national coaching in Orange.

Arjan Werring (left) has been Sarina Wikman's right-hand man for years and a logical candidate for national coaching in Orange.

Arjan Werring (left) has been Sarina Wikman’s right-hand man for years and a logical candidate for national coaching in Orange.

Photo: Reuters

Andries Jonger (59)

Jonker was one of the coaches canceled last year for the Orange Women’s national training. He wanted to be on the field with the players every day, which is not possible with a national team. However, Louis van Gaal’s former assistant at FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich seems to be back strong.

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Jonker is currently without a club after leaving Keugan Campione Division club Telstar last summer. Having coached clubs such as VfL Wolfsburg, Willem II and MVV, the Amsterdammer also has experience in women’s football: she was national coach of the Orange women for a year at the turn of the century.

Also, Jonger follows women’s football closely and works with women. “You can make something better with women. They are very dedicated,” he said during the European Championships in the NOS project. Studio England.

More than a month later, Jonker didn’t want to add anything to it. “I know I’m often mentioned as the new national coach, but I don’t say anything about it,” he told on Monday.

Stendler sees a potential national coach in Jonker. “He has personally developed the game and understands how to work with women’s teams. At the same time, he has also found his inspiration in men’s football. He has a very interesting profile.”

Andries Jonker was already approached last year as the national coach for the Orange women.

Andries Jonker was already approached last year as the national coach for the Orange women.

Andries Jonker was already approached last year as the national coach for the Orange women.

Photo: Good pictures

Jessica Dorney (41)

Finding a new national coach is an urgent task for the KNVB as the Orange women play a crucial World Cup qualifier against Iceland on September 6. The Netherlands will need to win that match in Utrecht to qualify directly for next year’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Otherwise, there will be play-offs for the losing World Cup finalist three years ago.

In a race against the clock, it was easy for the KNVB in the short term to put assistant Jessica Dorney forward. She is one of five female coaches in the Netherlands, along with Wikmann, Vera Pau, Hesterin de Reus and Renee Slegers. The KNVB has been interested in the former international player for some time, having worked as a national coach for the national youth teams for several years.

There are still doubts about Dorney. As Parsons’ assistant, he was partly responsible for the defeat at the European Championship, after which the Dutch team were knocked out in the quarter-finals by the defending champions. Additionally, he was thankful to be the national coach last year because he wasn’t ready for it yet.

“I get the feeling that not everyone around Orange believes in Dorney,” says Stendler. “There are also doubts that she is ready, otherwise she would have been pushed forward. And it’s not so much about Dorney either. She seems the logical coach for the next generation.”

Dorney is currently playing the Netherlands Under-20s at the World Cup in Costa Rica. With the skills he scored in a 3-0 win against the USA on Sunday night (Dutch time), the Orange’s place in the quarter-finals is almost certain.

Emma Hayes (45)

Emma Hayes was Stendler’s personal favorite. The Englishman is a famous coach in England. She has won the world’s top competition, the Women’s Super League, for the past three seasons and has been in charge of the Chelsea Women’s team for ten years.

“She would be at the top of my list,” Stendler says. “I think she’s an amazing coach. She knows how to win a team and make every player better. She’s tactically strong. And she’s a great girl, and I think that’s important as well.”

However, Hayes’ arrival at Zeist does not seem very likely: he is still under contract with Chelsea and has already started preparations with the Londoners, who are considered one of the best club teams in the world.

“But every successful coach is ready to coach a country like the Netherlands. They participate in world class”, Stendler knows. “The only question is her contract status. Can the KNVB afford it?”

Stendler sees another reason why Hayes isn’t the new national coach. “Dorney is a horse that the KNVB has been betting on for years. She has to take over for a long time, so now an assistant. If Emma wants to bring her own assistant, you are sabotaging your own process.”

Emma Hayes is the best coach in women’s soccer.

Emma Hayes is the best coach in women's soccer.

Emma Hayes is the best coach in women’s soccer.

Photo: Good pictures

Renee Slagers (33)

He hasn’t been active in the Netherlands for years, but in Sweden Rene Slagers has undergone a stormy development as a coach. The former Dutch international has been in charge of Rosengard since last year. In his first season he immediately became the national champion and he also took the trophy with the Swedish top club.

Slagers said he was open to national training with Orange ahead of the European Championships. “I consider it a great honor,” he said telegram. She is only happy in Sweden, where she has lived for eleven years.

Stendler thinks Slagers is a “very interesting option.” “I hope she becomes a national coach in the future. She is very reliable in what she does. Van Gaal and Jonker have that too. If you are reliable, you are almost there. The rest will come.”

According to Stendler, the fact that Slagers was the head coach of a top club for only one year did not help him. “She’s only here to visit. But if she does that for another year, I say: please bring her in.”

With a crucial World Cup qualifier against Iceland in mind, the KNVB wants to appoint Parsons’ successor in the “very short term”. On September 2, the Orange girls will play a friendly against Scotland.

Renée Slegers is making a name for herself in Sweden.

Renée Slegers is making a name for herself in Sweden.

Renée Slegers is making a name for herself in Sweden.

Photo: Pro Shots