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From "What Are Teuns Doing in Roubaix?"  For the perfect preparation of the Walloon Arrow |  arrow and color

From “What Are Teuns Doing in Roubaix?” For the perfect preparation of the Walloon Arrow | arrow and color

Dylan Teuns’ victory at Waalse Pijl was impressive. His victory is all the more sparkling in the knowledge that he anchored on the cobblestones at Paris-Roubaix three days ago.

Teuns is the number one winner of the Walloon Arrow that has also started in Paris-Roubaix since Daniel Willems in 1981.

Willems, a four-stage winner on the Tour, finished 20th on the track at Roubaix, but in 1981 Walloon’s stock wasn’t in Muur van Huy yet.

Roubaix is ​​not the usual way to hoy. “Then I wonder: What is he doing here?”

Jose de Coeur’s comment was evident when he saw Dylan Tunes on the cobblestones.

The teenagers had to start from the team in Paris-Roubaix, otherwise Bahrain would not get 7 riders. De Cauwer wasn’t the only one who seemed surprised.

“I don’t think it would have been a good idea for Dylan Tunes to be riding Paris-Roubaix a few weeks before he hits his big goals,” Seb Vanmark said on Extra Time Koers.

“Roubaix is ​​a race with a lot of collision risk and no track at all.”

Jose de Coeur does not fully agree with him. “I think the trick is to see things as they are rather than focusing so much on the software you’ve set up and then not knowing what to do when you suddenly have to color outside those lines.”

“The Teuns didn’t finish, but he did what he did at Paris-Roubaix and went down 165 kilometers.”

In retrospect, perhaps the perfect setup.

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