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Furniture as sculptures, in an artistic loft

Furniture as sculptures, in an artistic loft

Young couple Akila Raman and Ali Vaseghi wanted to buy a sofa only from ATRA. In the end, they ended up with a completely new personal interior, in which French modernism and American brutality meet. Their loft in the heart of Manhattan, New York, has been turned into a work of art.

ATRA is an architecture and design studio, founded by Alexandre Diaz Anderson and based in Mexico City. They have a passion for modernity and futurism, which is also reflected in their furniture, sculptures, and interiors. Andersson always works in a balanced manner, striving to strike a balance between academic knowledge, practical experience and subjective research. “Organized on the one hand, intuitive on the other,” these words can be used to describe both his work style and his designs themselves. The studio has an interest in art and grace, which translates into projects that always look luxurious and unique, like this Manhattan loft.

The entire apartment is dominated by art.

The young couple wanted an elegant space that felt very inviting. So the design studio designed a living room suitable on the one hand as a space for a cocktail party, and on the other hand as a playroom for their future children. Bespoke furniture and lighting pieces have atypical sizes and textures, making them look natural and futuristic. The coffee table, side table and wall lamps were designed specifically for this project, under the name “teardrop set”. The artistic designs are inspired by French modernism and American brutality. Art dominates the entire apartment: the furniture itself is considered sculptures and the rooms are filled with artworks by the emerging talents of Mexico, at the request of the owners. In terms of the color palette, neutral tones and touches of black and copper were used. This gives the room a feeling of warmth. In short, the apartment as a whole can be considered a great work of art. The artistic interior feels anything but solid, due to the unique choreographed furniture and warm colours. So it is a successful project. We are very curious about what ATRA will achieve in the future.

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Designed by ATRA

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