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Fuss over Jitske Van de Veire's photo: "Why do you throw your exposed poo on the Internet so often?"

Fuss over Jitske Van de Veire’s photo: “Why do you throw your exposed poo on the Internet so often?”

During Online editorial

Yesterday, Jitske Van de Veire shared a shot of her enjoying the sun, sea and beach in a bikini. Under the guise: They found me more exciting when I threw my bare ass on social media. But especially because it is still not possible, like these photos. Funny Dresses,” wrote 29-year-old Waco hairdresser and spokeswoman for Will Jung.

mixed reactions

The picture immediately aroused a lot of positive reactions. “No problem at all,” “Great picture. I hope to regain my self-confidence too” and ‘pure nature’, among other things. However, some followers felt it ‘needed attention again.’ ‘Most people throw things like this on social media in search of confirmation… ‘, ‘What’s the point? Or are you proud of your poo,’ and ‘Why do you always need to throw your bare poo on social media?’, we also read.

on defense

This last comment started a full discussion. Most do not agree with the criticism. “And why do you always feel the need to criticize someone else? Her body is her choice”, “Live and let live. Go on as you are. Enjoy life. Above all do what you love to do”, “At least this is a woman with balls! Not many women dare! for doing it without modifying the photo”, and “Natural is the most beautiful. Above all, keep doing what you are doing. We are all born naked. You don’t understand why people have a problem with this photo.” go girl‘is the answer.

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