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Gazprom formally asks Siemens to return repaired turbines in Canada |  News

Gazprom formally asks Siemens to return repaired turbines in Canada | News

The Russian state gas company Gazprom has officially asked Germany’s Siemens to return the turbines that were repaired in Canada, in order to ensure the continued operation of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Gazprom says the turbine in question is necessary to operate the pipeline’s gas compressor station. Nord Stream is currently suspended for maintenance, and European countries fear Moscow will invoke a technical motive for not resuming deliveries and thus put pressure on.

Siemens sent turbines to Canada for repair. Despite Western sanctions against Moscow, Ottawa announced that it would return the turbines to Germany, and Siemens could then deliver them to Gazprom. But the Russians say they have no guarantee that they will ever get their hands on turbines again.

“On July 15, Gazprom officially sent an application to Siemens for documents allowing export to Russia,” the company said in a press release on Saturday. “Gazprom relies on Siemens to fulfill, unconditionally, its obligations regarding the repair and maintenance of gas turbine engines, on which the reliability of Nord Stream operation and the supply of natural gas to European consumers depend.”

Prior to Nord Stream’s shutdown, gas supplies through this pipeline had already been curtailed. At that time, the Siemens turbine was also called. These difficulties come at a time when European countries are trying to fill their reserves for the winter.

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