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Get the most out of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura!

Get the most out of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura!

It’s almost time. Apple will release major updates for iPhone, iPad, and Mac very soon, and a lot will change. With these magazines, you’ll get a quick start with all the new features of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura.

Read on after the announcement.

Get ready for big updates from Apple

Get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with The wonderful iPad and iPhone 2023 or Mac for beginners 2023. Both magazines are full of useful tips and workshops and will be at your doorstep before Apple updates are released. expected delivery date? The big iPad and iPhone book 2023 will be delivered around September 6, and the entry-level Mac 2023 will be delivered around September 20.

I called It works alongside iCreate who made both magazines and now has an exciting pre-order promotion. Buy before August 28 Receipt of editions first at home.

  • iPad & iPhone Big Book 2023 = €12.99 + €2.50 Shipping costs
  • Mac for beginners 2023 = €12.99 + €2.50 shipping costs
  • Both special offers for only €25, including free shipping

The wonderful iPad and iPhone 2023

What do the new iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 updates offer? And how does all this work? In this issue, we will explain all the basics of both devices. In addition, we will work with All new features of operating systems. do you want to:

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✔ Design your own personal lock screen from scratch?
✔ Working on your health and fitness with your iPhone?
✔ Make sure your Apple products are properly secured?
✔ Upgrade your photography skills with new photo features?

You can read this and more in the Big iPad & iPhone book 2023! Like many others, he made the most of the new versions of iPadOS and iOS.

Mac for beginners 2023

Mac for beginners 2023

Your Mac is a very versatile device with which you can do a lot. Much more than you think possible. Want to know exactly how your iMac or MacBook works? And learn about all the new features of macOS Ventura? Then Mac for Beginners is what you need! In plain language, the magazine tells you exactly what you need to know All the innovations in macOS Ventura.

Do you want, like many others:

✔ Customize your Mac with new system settings?
Save time with Stage Manager and Focus?
✔ Want to get creative with iMovie and GarageBand?

Mac for Beginners is the guide that Apple won’t give you!