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Gibraltar auctions off a Russian yacht to pay off debts

Gibraltar auctions off a Russian yacht to pay off debts

Gibraltar – Last Tuesday, August 23, the government of Gibraltar sold a ship belonging to Russian oligarch Dmitry Pampinsky at auction. However, the proceeds from the ship would not go to the Ukrainian people but to an American bank. At least 63 bids were received, so money is not an issue for many people.

Axiom estimates the ship in question at 76 million euros. In addition, it is rented to third parties for about 250,000 euros per week. The her Russian Oligarch Dimitri Pumpiansky has 20.5 million euros in debt with US bank JP Morgan, in the name of a company registered in the Virgin Islands.

With the sale of the yacht, the United Kingdom in Gibraltar takes another step forward in its sanctions against the Russian oligarchs. They are accused of financing Russia and thus the Ukrainian invasion. By confiscating their property, the West hopes to put an end to it.

Axiom is not just one joy boat . The yacht has a total length of 72 metres, can accommodate 12 guests and can also accommodate 20 crew members in six luxurious cabins. It has a swimming pool, an outdoor cinema, hydromassage facilities and a gym. Pompiansky is the head of TMK, one of the suppliers of the Russian state gas company Gazprom. His fortune is estimated at $2 billion, making him one of Putin’s closest oligarchs.

In total, the government has reportedly received 63 bids for the purchase of Axiom. It may take between 10 and 14 days to make a decision and complete the ship sale.

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