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Goalkeeper allegedly involved in Johan Dirksen's candle incident: 'I was shocked when I heard it'

Goalkeeper allegedly involved in Johan Dirksen’s candle incident: ‘I was shocked when I heard it’

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Johan Dirksen, a Dutch football analyst and former footballer who came under heavy fire, said he walked out with the Veendam goalkeeper and two women when he pierced an unconscious young woman with a candle. That bouncer, as it turns out, was Dick Plogger (67). Most of all, he doesn’t remember, he says 51 years later.

Dick Pleuger can’t imagine anything with Dirksen’s story. “Because it’s not. I heard a story that was a bit exaggerated. It couldn’t be true. I didn’t have that experience. And then it turned out that the story was toned down”, replies

Dick Pleuger, now 67, confirms that he and Dirksen spent a lot of time together in that time. He calls it a “very hard time”.

“I can confirm it, yes. But I really don’t remember the candle incident. I was stunned when I heard it.”

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Dirksen has been under fire all week after he told Today Inside on SBS6 Tuesday night with a laughing tone that he stabbed a candle between the legs of a drunk and unconscious woman in the past. He was then in his early twenties and was accompanied by two young women he did not know and the goalkeeper of Veendam without mentioning the name of Dick Pleuger.

The tale was distilled by Dirksen a day later: the candle had not yet been ‘placed’, but was placed between the woman’s legs. In the meantime, the Public Prosecution Office launched an investigation.

Blogger does not blame Dirksen in any way, he says in Dutch media today. I do not remember the case. I will also tell the police that if they want to interrogate me.”

Dirksen was supposed to apologize Thursday night, but he didn’t in the end. On Friday, it was decided to remove the TV show on SBS6 immediately.

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