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Goodbye to home, company and possessions: Ewood (28) bikes around the world from Swollen to Singapore

“My mother doesn’t like it at all”, laughs Ewout Poiesz (28). “My father likes it, he even rode a bicycle for a while.” But most of Ewood’s world travels are solo, from Swollen to Singapore. Loaded with camping gear, the adventurer covers thousands of kilometers on a bicycle. “I can not No to go.”

It all started with the book A full-time adventurer Written by Tamar Valkenier, Ewout read it a few months ago. “The book is about a girl who gives up everything and travels on a bicycle. The story dragged on for months. A beautiful quote from it: ‘I can’t help but notice that life offers me so much more than this. I must investigate it even if it comes home from being a rogue.’ I had that feeling right. I take the plunge and travel from August 1st. I learn and discover a lot because of this.

‘I no longer live in the Netherlands’

Ewout follows the path of Tamar Valkenier and leaves much to be desired. “I no longer live in the Netherlands. In fact, everything is gone. Specifically, he canceled the rent on his apartment, quit a company he ran with a friend and gave many of his possessions to a thrift store. Practically all he needs now is a good two-wheeler and camping gear. Laughing: “I bought my bike two weeks before I left, so I didn’t train at all.”

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Ewout cycles from Zwolle to Singapore. Photo: Ewout Poiesz.

Fortunately for Ewout, cycling wasn’t too bad for him when he pulled away from Zwolle on August 1. After the Netherlands, Ewout had to get used to the mountainous terrain he encountered in the Ardennes, Luxembourg and the east of France. “Singapore is the destination, that is my physical destination. But what I experience, like the people I meet and the experiences I have, is my own goal. It’s more than just cycling every day. I meet myself every day. This week I was camping in the woods and had visitors at night. How you react and what you do next. I figured it all out.”

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Sleeping under a bridge

The adventurer expects that he will have to go more and more wild camping, because according to him there are not many camps in the southeast. Wild Camp is still getting used to Ewout. “I’ve always lived in a house. So I’m not used to all the animal noises. For example, last night I slept in a beautiful nature reserve under a bridge with a beautiful view, but I found out that I’m not the only one. So I don’t sleep much. For food, Ewout shops, so that He is given two days and can fend for himself except water.

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Ewout Poiesz
Wild camping. Photo: Ewout Poiesz.

‘I don’t know where I’m going’

Ewout takes his cycling route (you Follow online) did not go into details. “People often look at me with surprise when I say I don’t know where I’m going,” he says with a laugh. At the moment Ewout speaks of the neighborhood, he is near the French city of Lyon. “Then I go to the Alps, to Turin. A Hungarian couple staying in Milan invited me. It sounds like a lot of fun to me. I’m cycling that way now and will check back later. I choose the path that is funny, beautiful or interesting.

Not through Ukraine and Russia

For cycling to Singapore, Ewout usually has two options: a ‘northern route’ through Ukraine and Russia or a ‘southeast route’ through Turkey and Iran. He thinks that the first option is not good now, so he takes the second path. His father thinks Ewood will get nothing more than Iran, the adventurer says. “We’ll see. I haven’t researched the countries too much yet, but we’ll see.” If he can reach Singapore, Ewout decides what to do next. “I’d probably think it was great or I’d be cycling to Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.”

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‘It was hard for me to let go of everything’

And Ewout cycles, and he from his loved ones. He misses his family and friends regularly. “It was hard for me to let go of everything,” he admits. “I wanted to see everyone in the last months before my trip. Then suddenly on August 1st I was on my bike and friends waved at me in the Hansebok. Then you’re on your own, and that was hard for me. It was then that I realized how connected I am to family and friends.

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Communication with friends and family

Ewout tries to stay in touch with them as much as possible. “I only now realize how important it is to me. Now I can enjoy every phone call. For example, when I talk to my grandparents on the phone, it is a very special moment to hear how they are doing. It’s more than just a phone call.”

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