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Google, Apple and Microsoft want to make passwords obsolete

Google, Apple and Microsoft want to make passwords obsolete

The password is often a weak point in logging in online. Passwords can be hacked, stolen, forgotten, or easy-to-guess passwords can be chosen. With dedicated password management apps and Two-step verification The mode has become somewhat safer, but not more user-friendly. The FIDO login standard can change that.

Google, Apple and Microsoft say they will support FIDO next year in Android, Chrome, iOS, macOS, Safari, Windows and Edge. That’s why they work with video alliance

key on the phone

With FIDO, users no longer need separate passwords. Instead, the FIDO key is stored on the phone. This key is only visible to a website or app if the user’s phone is unlocked.

“We understand that it will be some time before this technology is available on all devices and before many websites and apps support it. Passwords will still be a part of our lives, and as we make this transition, we will continue to stick to regular sign-in. More secure and easier,” Google said.


When users log into a website or application using FIDO, they do not need to enter a password. Instead, the phone contains a FIDO credential called a passkey, which is used to log into the account. According to Google, this method is “more secure because it is based on public key encryption and only appears in your online account when you unlock your phone.”

Users only need to have their phones nearby. “If users lose their phone, they can safely sync passkeys from their cloud backup to their new phone,” Google said.

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