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Google imposes a fine of $245 million for “moral harm” to individuals |  Internet

Google imposes a fine of $245 million for “moral harm” to individuals | Internet

Google has been ordered in Mexico to pay nearly $245 million (233 million euros) to an individual for “moral harm”. The internet giant announced this on Friday. Google is accused of allowing the distribution of a blog that harms the lawyer’s reputation. The company is attractive.

Google said in a brief statement that Google on June 13 ordered to pay five billion pesos to attorney Ulrich Richter Morales, his wife and their joint venture.

The company regrets the conviction on appeal by the Civil Court of Mexico, describing it as “arbitrary, excessive and baseless”. Google insists it will defend itself “until the last moments” because the ruling “violates freedom of expression and other fundamental principles”. The case can now go to the Supreme Court.

The plaintiff accuses Google of allowing it to publish a blog accusing him of money laundering, influencing and forging documents.

“I am speechless. Thank you,” the lawyer responded on Twitter on Friday, who has written several books on citizenship, among them “El ciudadano digital: Fake news y posverdad en la Age de internet” (“Digital Citizen. Fake News and Post- Truth in the Internet Age.

Morales Richter says he’s been asking Google to take down the blog since 2015. Then he filed a complaint and actually won the first place.

Google has already had to deal with many complaints of this kind in other countries.

In early June, the Australian Federal Court ordered the internet giant to pay more than 466,000 euros to an Australian politician believed to have been defamed in videos of a comedian distributed on Google-owned YouTube.

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