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Google is suing the owner Tinder |  Abroad

Google is suing the owner Tinder | Abroad

Match, which is the mother of a handful of dating apps, including Tinder and OkCupid, sued Google in May over terms the app provider subsidiary Alphabet places on the Play Store, the app store for Android smartphones and tablets. Google forces app developers to use its own payment system, allowing the internet giant to collect a commission and collect more consumer data. Because of these practices, competition authorities in the UK and the Netherlands launched investigations this year.

Google has previously made compliance waivers to avoid a potential court order in the United States to stop these practices. Match withdrew an order in exchange for guarantees that the dating group might temporarily offer users other payment options and that its apps would not be removed from the Play Store.

But on Monday, Google launched a counterattack. She is now suing Match for allegedly acting in bad faith and breach of contract, sparking the legal battle. Match, according to Google, aims to use the Play Store services for free, while other developers have to pay, which puts the company in an advantageous position.

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