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Google settles US developers for $90 million over abuse of power

Google will pay a total of $90 million to most US developers. It’s part of a settlement the company is working with developers after developers complained about abuse of power in the Google Play Store.

Only US developers with less than $2 million in annual revenue from the Play Store since 2016 are eligible for compensation. Google says This is about most developers. If the US court approves the settlement, the company itself will announce whether these developers can get the money.

Google is paying US developers after they sued the company for abuse of power. Developers say Google has banned competing app stores from its platform. A law firm that helps developers says some developers can get more than $200,000. According to this office, the minimum amount is $250 and 48,000 developers are eligible.

In addition to the funding, Google promises a number of measures to help “developers interact with customers and innovate.” The company specifies a reduced commission that developers must pay on the first million dollars in revenue. From 2021, developers pay 15 percent commission on the first million instead of 30 percent. Above that million dollars, developers pay 30 percent. Google now agrees to continue this reduced commission.

The company will also adjust the contracts it has with developers, which will clarify how developers communicate with customers. Google also promises not to roll back changes in Android 12 that make it easier to use other app stores. Additionally, the American Play Store will have an Indie Apps corner that should focus more on smaller developers.

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