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Gove / Golov from Tibet wants the whole world

Trademark filings indicate that Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Cove wants to be available worldwide in the future.

Cove is located in Lhasa, Tibet. So considering the civil rights there you may be wondering if you should ever buy such a motorcycle. But, when you buy products made in China, why not ask yourself first? According to media reports, Cove holds the trademark rights to the brand name ‘Cove Hyper’ in Malaysia, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Mongolia and the United States. Of course, this is only necessary if they want to release motorcycles in these markets.

In China, the Gow Kolov or Tibet Summit is also known as the Gallows Motorcycle Sale, and offers a variety of motorcycles most inspired by Japanese or European motorcycles.

The same can be said of volumes. Kove / Colove is reported to have a dubious module similar to the Yamaha R3. In addition, they use a copy of the Honda CB500X module. The story now is that the Cove / Golov will soon release a 400cc four-cylinder that can reach speeds of up to 16,000 rpm. At 13,500 rpm, 72.4 horsepower peak power is available.

Patent drawings also point to the 800cc parallel-twin, which bears a strong resemblance to KTM’s 790 LC8 parallel-twin.

In short: Cove / Golov is fine.

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