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Green requests an additional location for students during exam time (Kasterlee)

Green requests an additional location for students during exam time (Kasterlee)

The Groen in Kasterlee group requests a location for students in each sub-community during the exam time. © Gruen Casterly


Groen’s part of Kasterlee has asked the city council to provide a site for students who are banned in each sub-municipality. At the moment, students can only visit the OC of Kasterlee. “We will first ask the students if there is a need,” says Alderman Rob Guns (CD&V).

During June, students from Kasterlee can visit two rooms in the Kasterlee Meeting Center for a period of four weeks to peacefully master their subject.

Opposition member Sten Potts (Green) asked the city council Tuesday night to open a block site in each sub-community. “More and more students are choosing to study on site,” said Stien Buts. “There are also students who do not always have a stable WiFi connection at home. In some homes there is not enough space for their desk or work is too busy to focus.” Groen asked to find attractive sites, such as the council chamber in the town hall or in the heritage house in Tielen, in youth centers or perhaps in the church.

The rest of the Kasterlee Council did not support Groen’s question. “The search for additional locations for students is now a bit short. Rob Guns (CD&V), a local board member of Kasterlee Education, replied, but we want to organize a survey among students about the need for extra space. Chancellor Robbie Dells (CD&V) has not been Also a student party. “We live in a real spoiled community. I was studying in the car and that worked perfectly. Students can also sit in the woods to learn,” said Robbie Dells. (bvdl)

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