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Gruen wants to open non-Ukrainian shelters for other refugees |  the interior

Gruen wants to open non-Ukrainian shelters for other refugees | the interior

Coalition partner Gruen calls on Minister of State for Asylum and Migration Sami Mahdi (CD&V) to integrate unfilled reception spaces for Ukrainian refugees into the regular reception network. “What is possible for Ukrainian refugees should also be possible for other refugees,” says Member of Parliament Eva Plato.

Plato notes that refugees today are still standing in the street at Klein Kasteeltje in Brussels due to a lack of reception capacity. The Belgian state does not absorb them, although it is mandatory. At the same time, several shelters have been provided to Ukrainian refugees in recent months. Not all of these places are full today.

Groen said the Belgian state and Fedasil are obligated to provide shelter and reception for anyone who applies for asylum in our country. The Brussels Court of First Instance convicted the country in January 2022 for failing to comply with this legal obligation. Even in the case of a saturated reception network, Foreign Minister Mehdi is obligated to provide shelter for all, if necessary by means of an emergency shelter.

The law is clear and so is the coalition agreement: Belgium pursues a fair and humane asylum policy. A willful failure to comply with a legal obligation and allow people to sleep on the street until they are convicted by a court is unfair and inhuman,” Plato said. Gruen asks the Secretary of State to put an urgent plan on the table to ensure a reception place for all who are entitled to do so.

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